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Music is universal. It is a language on its own, and the same song can mean so many different things. Music has delighted, united, and touched people since time began. There are very few, if any, other things that have affected people, like music. Whether it is the melody or the lyrics, everyone experiences a song differently.

This amazing thing that is called ‘music’ is what this site is all about. Add films to the mix and create soundtracks and musicals, and it is the best place to be. Music lovers, musical lovers, and those who believe a soundtrack makes a movie – this is the place. When a film tells a story, it is powerful. When the right music is added, it is beyond this world.

Stick around and explore this site if any of this sounds accurate. There are pages for advertising services and contributing articles. There are also loads of excellent articles about movies, music, musicals, soundtracks, and upcoming releases. This is truly a wonderful place to spend time with those who love music and movies.

Musical Films

Musical films, or musicals, are not for everyone. However, those who love them genuinely love them. Musicals speak to the soul and often explain life and emotions as nothing else can. It is because of this life-changing music and mind-blowing choreography that musicals are loved.

Music and Soundtracks

Music is a power all its own. It makes magic happen. It makes people feel connected. It clarifies emotions and thoughts. It directs decisions. And sometimes, it just allows the listener to wallow or grieve or be happy. Soundtracks do the same but in combination with the other magic of movies.


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Expect to learn about top bands, chart-topping songs and films, and much more. Find out what the best music-themed casino games are. Ever wondered why music is so powerful? Find out here. Also, learn more about how musicals and soundtracks are made and put together. There is always something new to learn here on A Song for You.