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It is always great to add some fresh voices and ideas to a magazine’s writing force. Readers who have some experience with writing are welcome to apply to contribute. Writers who are just starting are also welcome. However, please note that the magazine has stringent standards.

To contribute, send in a piece of writing between 350 and 500 words via the Contact page. The article should be about music, movies, musicals, soundtracks, or any related topic. Writing should be high quality and grammatically correct. The piece should be clear, inviting, engaging, and informative.

The first two contributions by a new writer are unpaid. If the readers and the staff enjoy the writing, the writer will join the freelance team and start getting paid. Those who want to contribute once-off are also welcome.

Readers who don’t necessarily have a talent for writing but want to share something can do so. It is also a pleasure to hear from readers and their experiences of music and movies. Readers can even submit short poems or pictures. These short pieces may be edited and shared monthly with a unique feature in the magazine.

All writers and other contributors will be notified if their submissions will be used. There are specific permissions and administrative things that need to be handled. Don’t worry, it is not a lengthy or complicated process, but it does need to be done.

Send your submissions today. The team wants to read those new ideas.