Featured Image Most Loved Musicals in the World - Most-Loved Musicals in the World

Most-Loved Musicals in the World

The last several decades have brought the world some of the best musicals. Many of these musicals have been adapted and remade into movie musicals. These movie versions are often delightful, but it doesn’t come close to a live musical experience. With so many fantastic options to choose from, it isn’t easy to find the best.

Here are some of the most popular and top-grossing musicals in the world.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World The Wizard of Oz - Most-Loved Musicals in the WorldThe Wizard of Oz

‘We’re not in Kansas anymore!’ That may be one of the most iconic phrases in the world. Dorothy is a girl who gets swept up into a tornado and ends up in Oz. Here she meets new friends who help her find the Wizard. The Wizard is the only one who can help her get back home. Some of the best songs of all time are part of this magical musical.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World Mary Poppins - Most-Loved Musicals in the WorldMary Poppins

Mary Poppins may be the best-known nanny ever. A family employs her, and this family also has two other neglected children. With the help of music, magic, and adventure, Mary Poppins helps the children and their father.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World West Side Story - Most-Loved Musicals in the WorldWest Side Story

Another well-known musical that will continue to inspire people is called the West Side Story. The story of forbidden love takes center stage. When two members of New York’s most prominent rival gangs fall in love, chaos ensues. It is a journey of beautiful music, outstanding choreography, love, loss, and tragedy.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World Les Miserables - Most-Loved Musicals in the WorldLes Misérables

Les Misérables is one of the most renowned musicals. A recent movie adaption was highly acclaimed for casting, music, and more. The story follows a French peasant looking for redemption. The story is set in France during the nineteenth century.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World Miss Saigon - Most-Loved Musicals in the WorldMiss Saigon

Based on a well-known opera, Madame Butterfly, this musical follows the doomed romance between an Asian woman and an American man. The musical has broken records for most ticket sales for opening night and has been performed on many stages in many countries worldwide.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World The Lion King - Most-Loved Musicals in the World

The Lion King

The Lion King was originally a Disney movie. It was later adapted into a stage production that sold out night after night. The musical tells the story of Simba and his father, Mufasa, the king. It follows Simba after his father tragically dies and how he must come to terms with becoming king himself.

Post Image Most Loved Musicals in the World Beauty and the Beast - Most-Loved Musicals in the WorldBeauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast was also first a Disney movie and later adapted for Broadway. A witch curses the Beast to become and stay a monster until he finds true love. Belle ends up at his castle in search of her father and finds the Beast. It remains a favorite with magical chandeliers, clocks, feather dusters, and great sing-along classics.

These are only a few of the most popular musicals. Others include Annie, The Phantom of the Opera, and Singin’ in the Rain. These musicals are all must-see.

Featured Image Why is Music so Powerful - Why is Music so Powerful?

Why is Music so Powerful?

Why is music so powerful? Why does it affect people in such big and small ways? How does it seemingly change a person’s whole perspective? How does it heal?

Science has been studying the effect of music on humans for a long time. It has proven the immense power of music to influence the brain and behavior. Some psychologists even believe that people need music like they need food and water. Music is part of human make-up.

Different notes and melodies have different effects. Slow songs often go with sad sounds and nostalgia. These songs can make people deal with a breakup or loss. It triggers emotions and gives people the support that they need. Happy songs are upbeat and loud. These songs are found at parties and on workout playlists. They are also best for a good morning.

Post Image Why is Music so Powerful Music impacts the brain - Why is Music so Powerful?Music impacts the brain. It stirs the places where emotion and admiration lie. It makes people feel, think, and wonder about life. Music also often even makes people desire to be better and do better. Music inspires. Music helps people make sense of the world.

It is difficult to explain precisely how music works on the brain, but it is clear that it does. Music has been used to help people heal by improving damaged parts of the brain. Music is quite literally the soundtrack to which people live their lives.

Music is powerful because it touches the most profound and most hidden parts of the human mind. It is a companion through any emotion or experience.